Happy Birthday to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (28/08/1958)

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Advertisement for the TV airing of Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever

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Message delivered nearly 20 years ago and it’s still relevant today.

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Michael Jackson at Pirates of the Caribbean in 1982.

I got the bigger version for you. :) As you know Michael is with Ron Alexenburg and plus this was on Michael’s birthday.


Perfect breakdown of the 1988 Grammy performance:
“This is not the Grammys. This is church.”
"He’s like a magical faun with a curl. Very rare."
“This might be the most beautiful performance of our most beautiful song.”
"Mike just Eastside Stomped all over the Grammy stage. He is the chosen one."
"If you aren’t moved by this, you don’t have a soul."
“Few people have ever “left it on the field,” like Michael Jackson at the 1988 Grammys. No one’s ever done anything like this.”
"I just don’t get it. I don’t know how you remain glued to your seat as new religions are being formed onstage."
"Michael is shouting ad-libs at the audience, which is important, because if there’s one thing this performance is, it’s a sermon. He’s just up on that stage, converting lost souls.”
"In our eighth minute, we finally reach the filthiest breakdown in a live performance that I’ve ever heard. It’s just disgusting how good this is. And that’s only aided by the fact that Michael is writhing on the floor."
"Respect this mythical creature and his hops."
"I think Michael has blacked out. I don’t think he has any idea where he is."
"And now he’s deep-voice scatting and screaming. Yep, definitely blacked out. One hundred percent thinks he’s in Gary. So pleased with him."
"Look how frizzy his little curl mullet is. That’s what hard work looks like."